About Us

Established in 2020, Aaron Pen prides itself on providing quality writing products to professionals. 

Even during this digital age, the humble pen remains an indispensable tool for conducting business. From the smallest of purchase orders to million-dollar deals, no transaction or agreement would be finalized without some ink on paper. It with this very fact that the idea for Aaron Pen was born.

Fueled by a deep passion for the penmanship, Aaron Pen’s mission is to redefine pens from simple office supplies to an essential accessory for everyone. From scribbling simple notes to signing the most important documents, our fountain pens are designed to deliver both precision and consistency that allow you to leave your mark with pride.

For each of our pens, we combine a classic aesthetic with superb durability to ensure that they will stay with you rise up the ranks in the business world. This also means providing you with ink and other products that let you get the most out of your fountain pen.

Now that you know who we are, it’s time for you to pick the perfect pen for your professional needs. Because when it comes to premium writing instruments, your business is our business.

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Aaron Pen Team