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“Not exaggerating when I say this is the best modern flex pen I have ever used.”

—Joanna M., California

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Aaron's Beta Flex Fountain Pen - Deep Ocean

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✔️ Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Nib
✔️ Line Variation: 0.3 - 1.5mm
✔️ Fine-Tuned by Professional Calligraphers

A modern flex fountain pen that is designed for everyone. From writing letters, penning notes, some calligraphy-style lettering, drawing, journaling, and doodling. Equipped with a proprietary marine-grade stainless steel nib, Aaron's Beta Flex Fountain Pen will be one of the finest writing instruments you will ever own!


Vintage-style flex nib allows for different line widths to be created by applying varying amounts of pressure resulting in strokes with the precision of point pens and the finesse of brush calligraphy.


In addition to fine-tuning our fountain pen’s inner workings, we also put great effort into its presentation turning it from a simple writing tool into a must-have accessory for business people, writers, and calligraphy enthusiasts.

Technical Specification

Nib Material: Stainless Steel 316

Body & Cap Material: Acrylic + Copper

Weight: 36g (1.27oz)

Length capped: 14.9cm (5.86”)

Length posted: 17cm (6.69”)

Section diameter: 1.3cm (0.5”)

Body diameter 1.2cm (0.5”)


1. Is it a dip nib on a fountain pen body? Is it just another G nib conversion?

No. The nib is designed by our team, consulted by multiple well-known professional calligraphers and a caliber nib technician that has made fountain pen nibs for many big pen companies.

2. How long will the flex nib last? What is it made of?
The nib should last for years (depending on how you maintain & use it, of course).

The nib is rust-resistant, made from Stainless Steel 316, also known as surgical steel, marine-grade steel.

3. Why are you not using ebonite feed?

A common misconception: ebonite feeds are superior compared with plastic feeds.
Ebonite feed is good at supplying ink, but it doesn't regulate the flow very well.

Our engineer solved the ink flow requirements for the flex nib without needing us to resort to the ebonite feed that at the end will increase the price of the pen. We want our pen to be affordable for everyone without sacrificing the quality.

4. Can I use an ink cartridge instead of the provided ink converter?

Yes, you can. The pen uses a standard international ink converter that can be swapped with the ink cartridge.


"It's so much better to use a pen versus using a computer. Your brain becomes much more creative when you're writing, as opposed to when you're typing."


"I think it would be great just to practice my penmanship. You know maybe I could get into a few crafts. Who knows!"